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English Language & Literature

The English course encourages a life-long enthusiasm for reading, writing and spoken communication. Students will develop English skills for different purposes and audiences.
Students will also be exposed to multiple genres of literature through their middle school journey (poetry / short stories / plays and novels). Our text selection encompasses both contemporary and popular literature. 


The middle school science curriculum will help students develop a life-long curiosity about the natural world and enables them to seek scientific explanations to the phenomena around them. Students will think scientifically and develop practical skills alongside knowledge and understanding, which is vital for explaining the world around us. They will cover in detail all three scientific areas, viz – Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 


Maths helps us to think analytically and have better reasoning abilities. Our mathematics curriculum will encourage life-long enthusiasm for analytical and rational thinking in our students.

Students will develop a holistic understanding of the subject, focussing on principles, patterns, systems, functions and relationships. They will become mathematically competent and fluent in computation, which they can apply to everyday situations.

Computer Science

Our students through this course will understand how computers work. Students will also develop coding skills in text-based programming languages such as Python, and learn that computers can only perform actions that humans ask them to do.

As part of this course, our focus will also be to develop digital literacy skills in our students.
The digital world allows us to connect, collaborate, innovate and discover new information on an ever-broadening scale, and through this course students will be able to effectively and ethically use technology.


Our Humanities course is the study of history, geography, economics, civics and global perspectives. Over the course of the year, students will look at how individuals, civilizations and societies have evolved over time.

Further, students will also develop their skills of research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration and communication by participation in multiple projects (individual and team) and past of the Humanities assessment framework.

Second / Foreign Language

As part of JIRS Hybrid, students have the opportunity to do Hindi or opt for a foreign language (French).

Hindi – Hindi is one of the major world languages and at JIRS Hybrid we offer Hindi from Class 6 upto Class 10. Students who opt for Hindi in middle school have a background of the language and have studied the same earlier. Through the middle school Hindi as a second language curriculum we aim to develop in our students the ability to use Hindi effectively for the purpose of practical communication; develop an awareness of the nature of language and language-learning skills, along with skills of a more general application and form a sound base for the skills required for further study of Hindi (in IGCSE).

French – Our French course encompasses all the four language skills, viz – listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Over the duration of middle school, students will develop the ability to express their ideas and thoughts in French and to understand and respond to its speakers, both in speech and in writing.
Overall our aim is to ensure students learn to use basic French in real life context and be well prepared for the rigours of the IGCSE French as a Foreign Language course.

Art & Design

Art & Design gives students a platform to express themselves, sparking imagination, creativity and developing transferable skills. Students explore and push boundaries to become reflective, critical and decisive thinkers. They learn how to articulate personal responses to their experiences. 

Community Service

At JIRS Hybrid, we strongly believe that our students benefit immensely from participation in community service projects that aims to make our community and world at large a better place. Hence, all JIRS Hybrid students will participate in two projects during each year. Through these projects students will develop real world skills that will not only enable them to succeed in school but in life as well.

When our students are involved in community service projects – besides helping others, they also get an opportunity to expand their own worldview and develop compassion, empathy and understand how small actions can have a large and positive impact.