Role of a parent and home campus old

Role of Parent School campus and Home School campuses

JAIN International Residential School (JIRS) as the Parent School campus is a Cambridge-affiliated School which shall lead the online teaching and learning via Technology through the TMRW eco-system led by a strong team of qualified and experienced teachers from across the boundaries. JIRS as the Parent School campus shall manage the complete functioning of the Hybrid online School as per the guidelines of the Cambridge Board. As per the Hybrid Learning Education model, online teaching – learning and in-person teaching – learning are both crucial for a child’s development

The Parent school campus shall appoint Home school campuses at various cities and towns for students to access in-person teaching and learning activities at a school close to their house. The Home school campus will provide the “in-person learning” as per the specifications of the Hybrid Learning Education Model (in-person learning activities shall include sports, music, drama, dance, counselling, etc…) and as per the guidelines of the affiliating board. The Home School campuses shall be located in various states/cities/towns across India and/or countries worldwide. Student examination, certification, assessment & curriculum framework will be through the affiliating education Board and JIRS (Parent School campus) shall be responsible to plan, manage, operate and conduct it.