Benefits to Hybrid Learning Students

Our patented education model includes a Parent Campus (JIRS) and a network of Home Campuses (schools) spread across the length and breadth of the country. A Hybrid learning environment combines online class delivery with some in-school experiences. However, unlike complete online schools where students have no physical interaction or activities in school, our hybrid model ensures that each week, a student would spend a day at the home campus.

This would be a campus located in the city/close to the city where the student resides in and one where he/she can go for doubt solving, do science investigations, coursework, play sports, participate in community service projects and also participate in a plethora of extracurricular and club activities.

The hybrid model has been conceptualised by educators who have spent decades working in schools and hence we understand the importance of a physical connection that students need and with the hybrid model we aim to provide exactly that.

Thus through this model, students get the best of both worlds – with educational technology, we have created an ecosystem that makes online learning engaging and interactive and with the in-person activities/experiences (at home campus) students will be able to imbibe the social aspect of learning which is also an extremely essential part of the schooling experience.

Hybrid education also helps to remove barriers to education. With this new model, the Cambridge International academic programmes become accessible to students across geographies.

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow” – John Dewey

We are seeing rapid transformation across sectors and verticals in the post-covid world. The hybrid model of education ensures that students are equipped with skills to adjust and cope with these challenges. Multiple researches have shown how hybrid education will help students become more responsible for their own learning – they thereby will imbibe one of the core principles of being a true international student – a lifelong learner. Learning for them doesn’t stop with school or university, it continues as a lifelong endeavor.