FAQ’s for Admission

The biggest advantage of hybrid mode is access to excellent quality teachers from across the country. This has been a big challenge for international curriculum schools across India.

The Hybrid education model also offers accessibility to students. They can access lessons no matter their physical location.

A hybrid class adapts better to student learning styles. For example, auditory learners may benefit from the ability to rewind recorded lectures, while visual learners can study slides at their own pace. With our ed tech platform – students and teachers will also have a social media type discussion platform to collaborate / get their doubts solved etc.
In comparison to a completely online school – we will be providing in-person experiences regularly at our network of home campuses (schools located in the same city / close to where the student resides).

Since social interaction is an integral part of schooling, our hybrid model builds in these experiences at home campuses to support holistic development of students.

In nutshell, Hybrid learning motivates students to manage time and stay at the top of their game. It develops students into self-learners – a key 21st century skill needed today.

Students from across boards (CBSE / ICSE / Cambridge / IB / State) are eligible to apply for admission

No. Students should have successfully completed the previous grade will be eligible for admission into the next grade.

You can visit our website – and use the apply now icon to apply to us. Our admission associates will get in touch with you for the further process.

JIRS Hybrid uses an online learning operating system (TMRW) for online class delivery and provides students access round the clock to course materials / videos etc. Classes are timetabled (weekdays – Monday to Friday) and all lessons are synchronous (taught live) by qualified and trained teachers (in the Cambridge International curriculum). We video record all our classes and the same are made available to students through the TMRW platform.

Teachers use a plethora of Edtech tools, online break out rooms, polls, quizzes as well as virtual lab simulations to encourage student interaction and foster engagement and understanding with the topic / concept being discussed.

During online classes, students communicate with the teacher and their peers through a host of mediums – chat, breakout room, whiteboard, audio / video recordings, screen sharing to name a few.

Individual students would also be asked to work through specific examples, share their work with everyone or lead the class (on a specific topic/concept). Students also have the option to use the direct message feature to ask a doubt/query (either during class or after class), This ensures that all doubts are addressed and no query is left unanswered.

We record all our classes and once a lesson has been delivered, students can review the lesson recording (through the TMRW platform). Teachers also would share a lot of teacher material, web links, video resources and these would provide students a great resource to cement their understanding and also master the topics taught and effectively prepare for the summative assessments.
Students have their own personal login to the TMRW plartform from which to access the dashboard, live classes, individual subject resources, social media area (Chatter), schedules, homework, quizzes etc. Parents too can keep up to date with their ward’s progress and contact individual teachers through the platform itself
Our CAIE Curriculum, offering a wide range of subjects from middle school right through to IGCSE and A Levels and provides the perfect foundation for future studies.

We follow the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). CAIE is part of the world renowned University of Cambridge, UK.

The IGCSE and A Level Programs offered at JIRS Hybrid are recognised by the world’s best universities and employers, giving students a wide range of options in their education and career.

JIRS Hybrid has its own social network for students to socialise in a safe space as part of our learning ecosystem (TMRW).

Further, with our network of home campuses, we also offer students regular in-school experiences for sports, clubs, projects etc.

Students will also have opportunities to participate in summer school programs at the Parent Campus.

Our academic session begins in July and our year end examinations will be held in the month of May

No, there is no difference in your qualifications. At JIRS Hybrid you will receive the same level of qualifications as any brick and mortar Cambridge school. All our exam courses (subjects) follow the Cambridge International specification which allows you to enter any university that helps you onto your chosen career path.

All our courses are taught in English. However, we recognise and understand that students from different regions may have different levels of fluency with the language.

We find that typically students will pick it up within weeks. All of our teachers are proficient in English.

For board classes, we offer multiple type of courses in English to enable students with diverse language skills to do well in the program

Yes, we are South Asia’s first fully affiliated school by Cambridge Assessment International Education, United Kingdom

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